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Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Libra Future from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Friday 29th June
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You haven't thought of this, but infidelity has become a part of your daily life. What started out as the desire to feel wanted again, now has turned into a situation that you have no idea how to get out of.

If keeping up with just one relationship requires time and effort, with two people depending on you, how will you manage things? You have no idea what to do anymore.

You'd like to be in an 'unofficial' realtionship, but you fear that out of spite this person would say something to your partner of years. This is a smart decision because your lover is quite spirited and doesn't consider the consequences of their actions.

Magic Horoscope claims that you won't be able to hold up this lie for much longer. Choose your words wisely with both parties, because your luck will depend on this. If you play your cards well, your lover will just walk away.


Your problems working in a team will make you want to work all alone. This is understandable, however, on the other hand, totally ridiculous, because you're well aware of the fact that this will never happen...

You'll have a hard time balancing your accounts. Numbers just aren't your thing. You make sure that you work and spend as little as possible, but your knowledge ends there.

So, maybe you should seek out a financial advisor to put your paperwork in order, especially if you are a freelancer.

This is very important if you don't want to end up paying more because you filed late, or because you filled out the forms incorrectly.


It's Friday and after all of the stress that you had to put up with during the week, you won't be in the mood for cooking. You know yourself and you know that this is true.

For this reason, if you're going to eat out or order takeaway, try to make sure that you choose the 'healthiest option' available, among unhealthy options.

You were having some digestive difficulties that are still bothering you a little, and you wouldn't want this to get worse again, right?

With a stomach as sensitive as yours, eating spicy foods or highly processed sauces like ketchup is the worse thing that you could possibly do.

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