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Libra Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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You'll give it your all thanks to your open mind! You'll come up with witty phrases that everyone will have fun with. Mercury blesses you with its gifts.

Today, you'll learn a lot from the conversations that you'll have. This is wonderful because this means that you're listening to those around you and that you're engaged.

On the other hand, your wittiness could get out of hand and you may end up making mean comments just because you find them funny. Some may be but don't go overboard, use your filters. People have feelings...


Pay attention, because the things that you carry out consciously today, will have positive consequences in the future.

If you're not sure of whether to start a personal project or not, you can be certain that you'll have luck on your side. Not only will you carry this out successfully, you'll also be capable of inspiring others to do their best.

Of course, this will be true as long as you are consistent, Libra. If you're patient, you'll be capable of achieving anything. You'll have valuable help along the way.


If you're just starting a job, it's likely that you've been offered a position with little responsibility. But, you'll work your way up to the very top eventually.

The cosmos have promised you happiness, no matter what your current situation may seem like, Libra. Don't give up and stay optimistic in your everyday life!


Others will be envious of your livliness, Libra; it's true. How is it that you always seem so full of life? Especially in comparison with other people your age. 

Normally we don't let the dust build up on the shelves, we make sure that we clean it off, right? The same goes for our negative thoughts.

When people start believing that they're old, they start acting that way. Luckily this isn't your case.

You'll find inspiring words that will help a friend to start embracing a healthier lifestyle. This person is going through hard times and your help will be invaluable to them. Don't give up if they resist! Later they'll thank you.