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Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 5th March

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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This is a good time to get moving and go on adventures, it’s time to “shake off the dust”. Make plans and work towards goals that you two have in common.

With each other’s support, this will be an optimistic moment for both of you and your partner might receive some good news soon. In some cases, this news might be an important event that will bring about positive changes.

Today, your relationship doesn’t bring you much happiness, so, now’s the time to take action and plan events. Try adding new activities and “active” time into your lives. Don’t forget that the cosmos relay the message, but you’re the one that has to make things happen.


This is the beginning of a stable period in the work realm. There may be new and favorable changes during this period of time. Your work will seem pleasant and fun, you’ll maybe even be trusted to take on new and interesting tasks, or, you may be the one to propose an innovative idea.

A young person is likely helping you out a lot these days, in a positive and open way. Maybe they’re an intern? You should thank them publicly; you’ll be returning their favor.

You should expect good news soon if you’re unemployed. A job awaits you, and this is all thanks to the hard work that you’ve put into your search. If you’re waiting to hear back from a company, you’ll without a doubt get the positive message that you’ve been looking forward to in the near future.


This would be a good time to get any treatments or procedures done since you’ll be full of energy. You’ll be feeling strong and ready to take on the world.

Now is a favorable time to take care of your health, but it won’t last forever. If you don’t take care of these things now, they will get much worse. Take advantage of Venus’s positive influence on Libra while it lasts.

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