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Horoscope for Those Born Under the Libra Sign for Monday 9th July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
Libra Daily Horoscope |



The beginning of the week won't leave you in the best of moods, but this isn't the fault of others. 

Each day that you live, means that you have one day less. When will you stop with the excuses and start living life to the fullest?

If you're not inspired by the person by your side, this is due to the fatalistic lens that you view life through. Be patient with yourself, because tomorrow things will be different.

You seek refuge in the company of your friends on gray days. They will help to lift your spirits! Try to spend time with them. They'll listen to you and this will help you to vent a little.


You're capable of accomplishing anything that you set your mind to and you put an incredible amount of effort into doing this. You're not trying to forget about other aspects of your life, are you? Work isn't everything, Libra.

Starting off Monday with so much effort will leave you feeling drained for the rest of the week, and your energy will be far from favorable.

If you have children, they'll notice that something is off with you. You only get one chance to raise your children and later on you'll regret not having been there for them more. Think hard about this, The more they grow up, the more regrets you'll have...

Plan in a way that allows you to keep your goals in mind each day and allow yourself to put your matters in order outside of the workplace.


Recovering your calmness will be a complicated task that you'll have to dedicate yourself to. For the sake of your nerves, Libra.

Today is a great day to chill out at home and focus on things that allow you to escape. Read, take care of your plants, organize your home...

You'll recover equilibrium by focusing your attention on the details. Whatever you choose to do in order to distract yourself, you'll get good results.

You'll benefit by telling a trusted friend about what's worrying you. All of the things that you hold inside start building up and turn into a sense of restlessness, Libra.