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Libra Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Friday 1st June by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Friday
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



This feeling of irritation and unease continues to follow you. Saturn is a planet that doesn’t bode well for you, and it will affect how you experience your emotions.

You won’t respond to words of affection. The ones that love you will be met with fierce resistance on your side even if they shower you with kind words.

It’s been a hard week, so this is understandable… But, your body is in need of physical contact, this is what’s really going on, Libra. This is a basic need that you often neglect. As an air sign, you tend to live in your head.

The cosmos recommend that you give more hugs throughout the day, you’ll notice how this improves the sensitivity of your internal state. Hug and feel all of this love that others have for you. And that which you have for them!


Today you’ll be overcome by an unhealthy amount of envy… So much so that you won’t even dare to admit it to yourself. With your relaxed attitude, you try to transmit the idea that you’re not overly ambitious…

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of a better life, Libra. You don’t think that you’re competitive at all, but actually part of you is waiting for the opportunity to put up a fight.

Do you want to spend your life believing that certain things in life are meant for others, or do you want to accomplish something? You focus so much on giving to others that sometimes you forget about yourself. You have the opportunity to make money, you just have to apply yourself a little.

The cosmos suggest that you spend some time on self-reflection. When you put your mind to reaching a goal, you’ll find helping hands all along your path.


At the beginning of the month, you’ll be met with the hope that things can change for the better. This isn’t a coincidence; the cosmos will be sending extra energy to Libras over the next few days.

You could start to build habits that you’ll be thankful for the rest of your life, today, it’s easier than you think.

One of the things that torments you the most and that throws you off on a mental level is feeling like you don’t have enough time to get what you need to do, done.

You should get in the habit of taking five minutes a day to plan out everything that you want to achieve and establish your goals and priorities in a clear way.

Like a good Libra, you prefer things to flow smoothly. This works as an exception, not as a rule!