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Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for March

Here is your Horoscope for March 2018
Libra Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

Libra in love: a little bit disengaged…

There’s a fault trembling below your feet. During the beginning of this month, there will be few people or maybe no one to focus your attention on. Outrageous!

And if you’re in a relationship, the burning desire that was there for a little while, will disappear.

However, you should be grateful for this opportunity. Before, you were going through a period where you would just take it all because you wanted to be loved and accepted. But, what was the price?

Thanks to Pisces’ influence, the sign of the ego’s dissolution, and one of March’s regents, you’ll learn to be your own person and not through the energy that you invest in others.

This tendency will return at the end of the month. Your partner will go back to their old ways and you’ll find the partner that you needed all along yourself.


The impulsiveness associated with Aries, another one of March’s regents, put your scale out of balance. These fluctuations will be of a varied nature.

You might think that you’ve failed for not thinking of all of the possibilities in advance like you should’ve, or you could even lose your job.

It’s ok, you’ll have enough energy to get up quickly even from the lowest of lows. You’ll be kind of like a spring! “Falling is allowed, but getting back up again is a must.” This will be your mantra this month in facing the most difficult situations.

You’ll run into little pockets of luck, for example, an inheritance, but you won’t be resting on your laurels either. The cosmos present you with options, but you’re the one who needs to make things happen.


At the beginning of the month, your health will be slightly compromised. Strengthen your immune system by eating the right diet.

You should focus your attention on the small things that slip under the radar when it comes to your health. Taking care of your looks comes naturally to you, as a good Libra. You love to look your best!

However, there are things that aren’t as obvious that need to be cared for as well. For example, cavities in molars that are out of sight.

Don’t neglect your psychological wellbeing either. March will push you to give in mentally to the tasks at hand, but when things don’t go as planned, you punish yourself. Watch out for this.

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