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Read Your Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Monday 28th May

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Today you’ll be feeling especially brave when it comes to dealing with the most painful relationship issues, or the problems that you may have with someone close to you that you’ve tried to avoid at all costs.

It’d be better if you were the one to reopen this wound before the other person pushes you into the subject when you least expect it, Libra. You’re really good at finding just the right time…

This will be especially advantageous to you if you’re in a new relationship. Don’t make the same old mistakes. Like for example, hiding your perspective on life, in order to seem more attractive in the eyes of that special someone.

If they make the cast, this means they’re the chosen one. The movie is your life, and you decide who gets to be the co-star. You have the right to be picky!


You’re getting the feeling at work that your boss wants to bother you in some way. They ask you to do more work than your other coworkers. You’re perfectly aware of this, and you’re not out of your mind… Nothing gets past you, Libra.

It may seem that you conform to the situation, but on the inside, you’re a non-conformist. This is the attitude that those who want to get ahead in life have. But watch out, if you really dislike your current job, go out and look for a new challenge.

It will do you well to hold out a little until you find the right job. Spend a little bit of your free time to focus on your goals. It’s crazy to leave the job that puts food on the table before you have a better option.

If we’re jobless and desperate it’s much easier to find a new job. You shouldn’t neglect your personal projects under any circumstances.


You’re having strange cravings, Libra. But stay calm, this has nothing to do with any illness or problem with your body. Jupiter is influencing your digestive system and this is causing you to crave sweets.

You are what you eat, what you do, and what you think… Be mindful! You’ll be able to counteract this planetary tendency if you think of everything that you’ve accomplished up until this point. But you’ll want that candy so bad!

You’ve been doing a great job and it would be a shame to ruin all of your efforts for one moment of pleasure. Your health is what’s most important.

There are healthier options that are also sweet, for example, fruits. By eating these naturally sugary treats, you’ll get just the dose of sweetness that you need, Libra.