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Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday

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Patience will be your best ally; the cosmos will come full of unfavorable news. It might not affect you directly, but without a doubt, it will bring bad luck to those close to you. 

The stress of others will have a negative impact on you. You will do whatever you can to be with these people in their time of need, but there comes a time when you have to look out for your emotions. 

You'll be even more helpful if you offer to go with them to a psychotherapy session. You could also participate and thus strengthen your bond while looking for solutions to major problems. 


After weighing your options for a while, the time has come to make an investment. 

If you've done all of the research that you should have, the results will be more encouraging. The best part is the fact that this has to do with a project that makes you feel proud, Libra. 

You'll start reaping the benefits shortly and sooner or later you'll get back the money that you've invested. If you have children, you'll feel satisfied knowing that you've invested this money well that will be for their future. 

You can also expect good results if you try your luck in gambling, although this won't turn you into a millionaire...

You could end up getting good results by following economic advice at a certain point in time. Pay attention to what people have to say to you. 


Do you feel like you're going crazy because of recurring ideas that are causing you grief? Maybe the time has come to go to a friend that knows how to listen to you, or, you could always seek out professional help. 

The cosmos want you to know that everyone goes through phases of mental instability, there are no exceptions. This isn't anything that you should be embarrassed about, Libra. 

The start of the month will have a benign impact on your psyche since in one way or another you'll be injected with a dose of positive energy, associated with new beginnings. Now is the time to look for solutions. 

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