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Read Your Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 7th July

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Love is freedom, commitments, shared responsibilities that are chosen freely. If you already live with your partner, you already know this all too well. You lead your daily life doing what you know is expected of you.

However, if you're being chained down, that's a different story: those who try to tie you down, don't love you, they covet you. If you stop being yourself (you're tying yourself down) due to your fear of being let down, and behind this fear lies low self-esteem and self-worth. 

Ask yourself if you're living up to your full potential, or if on the contrary, you've stopped doing what fulfills you to avoid bothering your partner.


A change in your financial situation is nearing, especially because you'll start focusing on doing things. Pessimism won't get you anywhere. 

Putting more effort and interest into what you do, will soon turn into greater benefits. So, now isn't the time to give up the path that you're going down.

Working will bring you happiness and will fulfill you as a person because you've achieved this delicate balance between carrying out an imposed task and finding a deeper meaning in what you're doing. 

The help of selfless woman awaits you in an isolated financial issue. This woman will be so caring that the matter will hardly worry you.


Modern life has lead you to purchase devices that you would have never considered before. Tablets, Smartphones, Smartwatches?... The list is endless. 

You need a break from the technological frenzy, Libra. Your relationships are no longer what they used to be since you've stopped meeting up with people because you exchange a few messages on social networks with friends. Is this really interaction...?

This is a good way to reconnect with far away friends, but it's always better to use social networks as tools to facilitate face-to-face encounters.

Also, by dedicating such a large part of your life to technology, you lose mental agility, since the devices think for you!