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Libra Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Thursday 21st June by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Thursday
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Your emotions will be running high, Libra. You normally know how to react in delicate situations by showing the calm state that others are lacking. It won't be this way today!

You'll be needing hugs and extra attention. You can't always be the one to cheer people up. Give into these needs, just this once. Let yourself be loved! This is harder than you might think...

If you're in a relationship, your partner will be willing to give you everything that you need. Take advantage of this! They won't be able to resist you.

Single Libras will tend to get the attention of people in the healthcare field. These people dedicate themselves to caring and providing for those in need. Accept it, it's your time to meet someone that loves you as much as you deserve.


In order to win, you've got to fight! An opportunity to invest money in a group project will come up. Today is a day where you'll earn money by working together with others.

If you work for a collective, or in a big team, luck will be on your side. You'll be able to make great progress towards achieving the main goal. You'll experience a phenomenon where you'll start to finish one another's ideas!

Explore your interests, at work or on your own time, because you'll be received well. All of your talents put together are like a time bomb about to explode. You'll really make the most of this, congratulations.


Today you'll keep stewing over questions about painful events in your life. And the answers won't be so simple.

Sometimes, pain simply appears along the paths of human beings. Lessons from the cosmos...

Worrying too much about this reality, which happens to us all sometimes, could end up hurting you deeply. Protect yourself from this abyss, Libra.

Stop those thoughts when you see that they aren't leading anywhere. The sun's entry into Cancer is what's bringing about your more emotional side.

Stay away from sedatives and antidepressants, because putting your body to sleep is just a temporary solution.

The cosmos want you to forgive yourself. Admit that you're not perfect. Stop blaming yourself! Also, seek out the company of those that you love. Doing this will help the black cloud overhead to blow over sooner.

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