Libra Magic Horoscope for 7th April

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Generally, emotion and excitement are the common denominators in your relationship. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have disagreements every once in a while. The moon will send destabilizing vibrations your way, beware.

You may be overcome by an emotional explosion for seemingly no reason at all. Especially if you’re with a person that’s a water sign like Cancer or Pisces. These signs will be especially prone to losing it since they’re more affected by the moon.

You should keep in mind that not everyone is capable of expressing themselves with your tact, Libra.

They’ll learn to put words to their emotions from you. As time goes by there will be fewer misunderstandings. Knowing one another and knowing how this person reacts will also be very helpful.

Single Libras could be met with someone from their past, someone very important. You’ll be thankful for this meeting because they made you truly happy, whether you were involved sexually or not.


You should think about getting a second job, Libra; you’re not exactly rolling in money. Luckily, today you’ll receive an occasional employment offer, and without even looking for it.

Or it could also be a job where they tend to call you to go in, but this time you’re really thinking hard about it, you’re just not in the mood… The cosmos suggest that you go.

When you start throwing opportunities out the window, the universe takes this as a sign that you don’t want its help. This is dangerous because once you get into a rut, it’s hard to get out of it. You should keep what you’ve got.

If you’re unemployed, you’re likely to get a call. Make sure to keep your cell phone close by and check your e-mail often.


Your energetic state is out of balance… For a few days you’ll be feeling great, and then suddenly you’ll be exhausted, this isn’t normal. Normally people tend to maintain a relatively constant tone as far as their mood goes.

It may be time for a check-up. Blood tests will reveal exactly what’s going on here.

Push for a thyroid revision in these tests, especially if you’ve noticed that your weight has been fluctuating a lot lately.