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Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Saturday 24th March

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Are you single? Be patient, the right person will come along, although it may take longer than you’d like. Meanwhile, focus on your search for harmony, and the loving tenderness of your friends and family.

Right now you’re not ready to give someone all you’ve got. This solitary period will fertilize the soil of your inner garden so that love can grow once more.

Although you still haven’t found that special someone, you can put your efforts into nourishing others emotionally, like for example, your friends and family.

An emotional debt from the past will lead you to give all of the love that you didn’t receive, thus turning you into your own mother or father. You love yourself and everyone else, this is beautiful and revitalizing. This is exactly what you have to do, Libra.


You’re a person that always has great ideas. However, the same thing always happens, you never do enough research on how to make them happen and the necessary procedures to do this. You should take a break and think about exactly how you’ll make this idea come to life.

You should stop focusing on how to further perfect the product that you want to launch now. Instead, you should concentrate on the “how” not the “what”, this demands your attention immediately.

You’re smart, it will be easy for you to pick up the knowledge that you need… However, it’s true that too much information can lead you down dead-end roads. Ask for advice from someone that’s an expert in the area in this case.

A job coach will help you to focus your energy in the best possible way.

And if you’re still not sure what to do to make more in a satisfactory way, they’ll be able to give you some direction and you won’t be disappointed.


You’ll need a clear mind today. Using your intellectual resources in the best possible way will be imperative.

Before you exercise you need to warm up your muscles. The same goes for your brain.

A word search or a Sudoku are two fun ways to warm yourself up for continued mental focus.

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