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Libra Astral Horoscope for Sunday 1st July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Sunday
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There's good news for you because today will begin with much love. Whether this is with your partner or that person that you're getting to know. A message from him or her will truly excite you, they think of you right away when they wake up!

Today the planets will push you to take your relationship one step further. This person may ask you to take a trip with them or to start a project together that will excite you. You should also expect loving words. They'll value you for everything that you are. 

In any case, love is flowing in harmony in your life and this is something to celebrate. Do something special this Sunday, or if this person takes a while longer to appear, pamper your friends by offering to cook for them!

You'll be walking in the clouds with happiness. Enjoy this.


You've been at the company for a while now and you've been asking yourself when you'll get a raise. Ask no more, Libra, because the future is now. 

They'll finally recognize all of your hard work. This is quite fair because you've been totally involved since the very start. 

Don't let this go to your head too much and keep working like you have up until this point. You may find that you're a bit all over the place, since knowing that you're valued will bring you much happiness. 

If you're unemployed, luckily, you'll be discovered thanks to a profile that you uploaded a while ago. Ask for everything that you need and be sure to negotiate your conditions well. You deserve it.


Health lies in the simple things. Why should you spend money on anti-aging creams if your diet consists of foods that pollute your skin? Taking care of yourself from the inside out is the best way to maintain a healthy appearance, Libra.

Smile, live a happy life and worry about taking care of yourself on the inside. It's a good idea to surround yourself with people and enjoy the positive energy that you'll have throughout the day today. Spread your well-being...

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