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Libra Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 4th March

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What are you doing to keep the fire burning in your relationships? You just go along with pretty much everything that your partner tells you.

Your friendships aren’t in much better shape either. You’re never the one that proposes plans, you’re just floating around like a leaf in the wind. It seems like a good idea at first, but it gets old quick because others also want to play the passive role sometimes.

You’re a cautious person, but don’t hesitate to throw yourself into unknown territories. This is the best possible way to keep your internal flame burning.

Get out and do activities where you can meet new people with your partner, visit new places… Surprise your friends and invite them to your house for dinner, for example.

Cupid will hit Libras that get out there and do something totally new with his arrow. You could take a cooking class for the first time or even participate in an environmental volunteer project.


The sun is finally shining down on your finances. Your social life and financial situation are about to become intertwined.

Your intelligence will gain the respect and admiration of those near to you. Remember to always maintain a good attitude and an elegant presence. Doing this will make you seem refined and get the attention that you’ve been yearning for.

Take advantage of this touch of magic to secure contacts. These contacts will help you to get along much better in the business setting.

Go to that get together that your friends invited you to today. Some great ideas that will help you on your path to success might come up.


The health of your feet is something important that you’ve been ignoring lately. More specifically, your nails are starting to develop a fungus problem and you haven’t even noticed it.

Make sure that your shoes have proper ventilation. Bad smells, besides just being unpleasant, are a sign that something’s growing…like fungus! Also, don’t forget to use sandals when you shower in public places like the gym.

Also, it goes without saying that you should be paying closer attention to your fingernails as well. Biting your nails let pathogens into your body and also wears down your teeth.

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