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Libra Magic Horoscope for 5th August

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Today you'll be very harsh and most of all angry. In your mind, your partner is overstepping certain red lines when it comes to their behavior and attitude.

This is a very stubborn attitude that won't bring anything positive. You get upset but this person can totally ignore the origins of your anger. Do you think that they can read your mind...?

Instead, change this mindset. You should relax your posture, for your own good. A sincere conversation about your feelings is more effective than scolding your partner as if he or she were a child.


Today is an unstable day. Your income will fluctuate. On the one hand, you may receive a large quantity that you weren't expecting. However, on the other, just like it appeared, it may disappear quickly.

You'll organize a party with friends that will get out of hand. You didn't think that it would be so expensive...! On top of this, many guests will decide that they don't want to pitch in. Totally shameless!

Also, you'll end up falling into temptations that normally you wouldn't even think of giving into. However, today is a great day to test your luck. Save the things that you need a little bit of luck in for today, if you do, you'll get the best results.


You can have a good time with people that motivate you, without going overboard. Today you'll realize this.

You'll leave your belief that you always have to go over the top at parties, behind. A little bit of everything in moderation can also lead you to have a great experience, without the consequences tomorrow. Isn't that wonderful?

Surround yourself with beautiful things and love, this is the best therapy to keep your heart healthy. Put on that music that makes you smile and go for a short walk through the countryside. If you do this, you'll have everything that you need to be happy.

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