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Libra Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Sunday 25th March

Full Prediction for Today, Sunday
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Without knowing it, you’ll be searching for people who are wiser and more mature than you are. These vibes indicate that you’re looking for security, like a child.

Today is a day to delight in being loved and spoiled, but be careful not to relapse to phases that you’ve already overcome. Enjoy love but without becoming demanding like a child.

People that know you will find your unusually childish behavior to be very strange… You might even have a temper tantrum!

In any case, today you should take advantage of this to get back in touch with your grandparents or other elderly family members, they’ll be very happy to see you.

Throughout the day today, you might receive attention from older men and women.


You’ll want to know when you’re going to get that money back that you loaned to someone. You’ve been reminding this person for a while, but they seem to have “forgotten.”

You knew that you were their only support system, but a considerable amount of time has gone by since then. You offered your help selflessly, but a promise is a promise.

To make matters worse, you’ve heard that this person has gotten through these tough times and that they’re doing better than before. So, why aren’t they paying you?

This person is actively ignoring you. They’ve turned their back on this situation… Like they’ve been doing for a while now! This is the root of the problem; you didn’t set a deadline for them to return the money.

Now, in order to solve this problem, you’ll have to get serious and claim what’s yours. No one gives you money for free, am I right?

When they see that you’re serious, they’ll return the entire sum of the money to you.



In your pursuit to help others, you forget to take care of your own mental health. Things affect you and in a big way. So, you’re helping someone out, but you’re harming yourself. That doesn’t make any sense!

This stress isn’t yours. You’re not obliged to absorb the problems of others. Try to disconnect through breathing exercises. Take a deep breath in and then exhale as slowly as you possibly can.

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