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Libra Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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Today you won’t be in a good mood, or some bad news may lead you to spend some time on reflection, Libra. You haven’t had a good day on an emotional or sexual level in a while.

Don’t worry, your partner will be by your side. However, try to be a little more conscious of the fact that they have their own needs to take care of as well. They’re holding on for you, by why don’t you make things a little easier for them…

We’re not trying to alarm you, but let’s be realistic: another person could appear that knows how to handle their emotions better. Wouldn’t you consider getting out of your current relationship if your partner was constantly falling apart emotionally?

You shouldn’t test people’s patience, Libra. Do the impossible to go back to being the one that they want to be with. Go for a walk, distract yourself with whatever way you like, or ask your partner to give you a massage. You’ll be feeling more ready for love than ever.


Spending too much time with friends and completely ignoring plans for the future has lead you to where you are now… You’ve been fired and you’re out of alternatives. If you’re still employed, you’re at risk of losing your job.

You haven’t worried much about your education even though you had free time either. But all is not lost, Libra. Good luck tends to shine down on you. You have a positive attitude that is quite charming. But you just have to keep your feet on the ground and everything will be just fine.

The cosmos suggest that you go back to school. There are courses that are discounted for those who are unemployed.

Meanwhile, try looking for jobs in the service sector. The cosmos are favorable when it comes to Libras working with the public. This industry needs more people like you that are friendly and that truly want to help others.


You’ll have nasal congestion over the course of the day today. This could cause strong headaches. This is nothing serious, but it will be bothersome without a doubt.

You should try acupressure. To do this you have to put pressure on the point above the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows. This keeps the sinuses from drying out and becoming inflamed. Use light pressure here for one minute; you’ll notice a big difference.