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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Libra Horoscope for Thursday July 12th

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Thursday
Libra Daily Horoscope |



You love to shower the people that occupy your thoughts with attention. There are so many people out there that wish they were in a relationship, Libra!

Your better half loves the way you are and how you make them feel. Although they might not tell you this very often because they're shy.

Keep on being you, showing all of the love you have to give, because slowly they'll start opening up and telling you how much they care. Because they love you, and a lot at that.

Today, celebrate all of this love by kissing your partner for no particular reason. Do all of the little things that you know fill them with joy. Love will rule both of your worlds.

If you're single, you'll really be in the mood to hear from your friends. Don't hold yourself back, communicate with them. Your friends form a part of your life and you'd be less happy without them, no doubt about it.


Jupiter's positive vibes will give you the gift of a calm day at work. Your coworkers will make this day easier for you. You'll even get to know what some of your coworkers are truly like.

Conversations amongst coworkers will get personal, but this is a good thing because it will help you work better together as a team. Open yourself up, there's no need to be afraid, Libra.

You'll spend money on those that you love the most. This won't be a burden, but be careful not to tolerate this too much, because one day when you're not paying attention, they'll make you regret it. Everything in moderation. 

Jupiter's benign transit will also bring you money that will appear seemingly out of nowhere like magic. As far as loans go, there's no better time than the present to apply for one.


Jupiter will also bring you a sense of liveliness once again. You'll feel like doing so many things and your good mood will be contagious. The problem is that this could end up getting out of hand. With this kind of energy, people tend to be less prudent.

Be careful behind the wheel and don't cave into distractions even for one moment. This could be terrible. Also be very careful when you cross the road because you tend to start crossing before the light turns green for pedestrians. This is very bad!