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Full Libra Magic Horoscope for Thursday, 22 March

Full Forecast for Today, Thursday
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It's time to turn the other cheek, Libra. Someone's been playing you, and someone that you trust at that. Calm down, your first reaction will be to get back at them, but what's the point?

In the case that your partner has decided to break up with you for your friend, remember that no one belongs to anyone and that it was their choice to leave you. A friend may also have taken your job or even stolen your money. 

Whatever the motive may have been, the damage is done. It won't do you any good to keep feeding off of these negative feelings. Vengeance just drags out the pain. Let it go.

At least you know what to expect from this person in the future. Make sure that they don't do this to you ever again. This is called "forgiving but not forgetting", something we need to do if we don't want people to think that we're foolish.


You spend a lot of time on social media, and today you'll have a lightbulb moment. You're going to make money online. You know all of the latest trends and you're a tech whizz when it comes to social media, it's the perfect fit.

Don't worry if this doesn't seem attractive to you, you've got other ideas too. Creating your own content online is another option. You'll start a blog, and once you start posting frequently, you'll start becoming successful. 

What the cosmos know for sure is that you'll have the opportunity to make money doing something that you spend a lot of time on.  It could also be a hobby, like music or arts and crafts. 

Think of a creative way to make this work and go for it...


Are your heels bothering you? You might not be aware of this, but the soles of your shoes probably aren't ideal for the arches of your feet. 

It seems like something trivial, but fixing this is important. If you don't, it could cause your spinal column to become misaligned. Let's not forget that Libras tend to have problems with their backs, a problem that's directly connected to their balance. 

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