Full Libra Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 1 May

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
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You put in an effort to be friendly with others. There’s no one that would say that they’ve seen you scowling, or being rude…

But if you make just one mistake, suddenly you think that the consequences will be worse for you than for everyone else. You feel like no one will let even one mistake go unnoticed. Of course, since you’re used to being Mr. or Ms. perfect!

It’s not a tragedy if you don’t like everyone, but it is if you don’t even like yourself. This is a lack of self-esteem.

Quit forcing things so much, Libra! You are who you are, and showing this is the only way that people will truly appreciate you, without having to put on a fake happy face all the time.


You need to become more independent, Libra. So, if you’re working in a team, you need to make your ideas stand out more.

You have great ideas because you know how to see both the positive and negative side of everything. This makes you an excellent judge.

Put this talent to use, the world needs more people like you. Once you get on the right path, luck will shine down on you with money and wealth, or at least, you won’t be lacking anything.

If you’re looking for work, be determined. It’s a bad idea to go around with a negative attitude or begging. No one will give you work to do you a favor, you’ll have to earn it with bravery, Libra.


Try to get your paranoid ideas under control, they negatively affect all aspects of your life. Also, they can end up turning into mental illnesses that are difficult to overcome.

Hold back those counter-productive thoughts, Libra. Try to look at things from a more analytical perspective. Don’t believe everything that comes to your head, this could be deadly. You’re not always right about everything.

To cultivate objectivity, try to get a second opinion. Surround yourself with good friends that are capable of telling you the truth, even if it’s uncomfortable.