Full Libra Magic Horoscope for Wednesday, 11 April

Full Forecast for Today, Wednesday
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Sometimes you find yourself trying to please people that you don’t particularly like. Your partner may have invited some friends from his past to spend the day with the two of you and honestly, you would rather do something else…

You might even ask yourself how these people could possibly be his or her friends… In your opinion, they’re totally different people. Their conversations are boring; their interests are very simple…

These people belong to your partner’s past. Luckily, people evolve, but they still tend to keep old friends. These friends serve as evidence of who we once were…

Regarding your role in this, don’t go to great lengths for them if you don’t feel like it. Being friendly should be enough, and this way, you’ll be showing your partner respect. They’ll have their turn to deal with your friends!

If you’re not in a relationship right now, your close friend’s partner will start to annoy you. Their partners seem to come and go, don’t interfere with things or try to get them to break up. Focus on your life and making yourself happy.


Life will put you to the test when it comes to work, in order to push you to reach your goals. You just don’t seem to find the fulfilling job that you’ve been searching for.

Balance and harmony are your goals. In this sense, doing something that makes you feel happy is key.

 Maybe you’re still unaware of many fields! It’s important that you dare to do things that you’ve never done before.

You’re more likely to find something that you enjoy if you start learning more about new subjects that you still haven’t fully explored. Experiences will inspire you.


Your renal system will be weakened today, and over the course of the next few days. Although the effects of dehydration on your body aren’t obvious, maybe you’re going for too long without water…

On the other hand, a diet composed of many foods that contain water or that are liquid may make things easier if you don’t enjoy drinking water. Tea, broth, fresh juices, or even fruit sorbet can achieve this.

Of course, all of this must be accompanied by physical exercise. This helps your body with the detoxification process by releasing sweat.