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Libra Magical Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Monday, 12th February

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You see yourself as a generous and giving person. It brings you great happiness to share what’s yours with your loved ones.

The thing is, you can’t expect to get back everything that you’ve given. It seems that sometimes in life our good actions attract good karma, but don’t take this as a rule of thumb.

Giving in order to receive is selfish and can make people feel overwhelmed. When others receive more than they feel that they deserve, it brings a feeling of uneasiness.

Libra, finding a happy medium is the key to positive generosity. Detach yourself from the idea that “no one is as generous as I am” because it will leave you feeling chronically unsatisfied.

The cosmos advise you to do more without expecting anything in return. Have pure intentions and don’t flaunt the things that you’ve given to or done for others.


Is it just your imagination or do things feel a bit tense lately? Your ability to detect these situations never fails. If things aren’t going well and people are out of harmony, this impacts your performance.

You’d better tell a joke or two to provide some comic relief today because you really need to finish those tasks.

Buy a cake for your coworker’s birthday that's today. If you don’t, no one else will step up to the plate…



The extreme change of weather may be affecting you. You woke up with a lot of mucus in your throat and a cough. Go get checked out by a doctor. They’ll prescribe you a good cough medicine.

At home, try gargling with honey. Grandma’s remedies never fail! When you get back from the hospital, try to take it easy and stay indoors.

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