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Libra Magical Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Tuesday 13th February

Full Prediction for Today, Tuesday
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You'll receive an unexpected call from a friend that you hadn’t heard from in a while. Today is a good day, you'll feel happy.

You’re glad that you can talk to people you’d lost touch with, and when you talk again, it’s as if nothing had changed.

These are the type of connections that one makes when they wear their heart on their sleeve. You’re lucky, Libra because most of your friends are like this.

Today, friendship will be the protagonist, however, romance could also make an appearance

Someone may confess their love to single Libras today. This person will be someone that they’d only thought of as a friend.


Your routine is beneficial to you when you fill it will things that you need to do. You’re not the complaining type because you know how to use your imagination.

The small things can be amazing if you have the right attitude. Let yourself be in awe of the different ways in which life manifests itself.

Although you have incredible dreams of living a nomadic lifestyle, hold out for a little while until you have enough saved up. Work towards your dreams with your feet on the ground.

You need the right equipment and clothing if you’re planning a trip full of adventures.


Today you’re feeling energetic and well rested after taking it easy yesterday.

When you open your closet, you can hardly move the hangers, because it’s jam-packed… You have too many clothes! This could be detrimental to your psychological health, stop accumulating and remove the superfluous from your home.

Donating your clothing to a charity is an act of compassion that’s becoming more necessary each day.

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