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The Sunday January 21st Libra Stars Prediction

Libra: Your Star Sign Revelations

Libra: Your Star Sign Revelations | HoróscopoMá



Finally, balance will be lost (sometimes it's good for Libra) and you will make a final choice for one of the two people you met. You feel interests between you two are more similar, and when you're together, he makes you feel something completely new. It's about time you open up and confess.

If you're still trying to make sense out of the relationship, you should consider if your shared moments make you happy. If that's the case, it's probably just a rut that will soon come to an end. On the contrary, you'll be forced to make an important decision.


You won't be able to use upcoming opportunities unless you dare to grab them. You're a little scared about starting anew on your office life, but you do really need it. You'll have a chat that will make things clearer, although the final word is completely yours. Make sure you'll enjoy and be happier in your new position.

Opening yourself to new knowledge is in your hands. You're starting to feel interested in what you'd used to think was strange, so it's best for you to go into more detail and apply what you've acquired to your daily life.

Your new training courses may be costly, so you need to control your expenses and avoid buying more than you need when you go to the supermarket.


Negative feelings and thoughts begin to vanish and it's time to feel better. You'll see that your previous tiredness is just a matter of attitude, and now you feel energetic enough even to do something with a friend that you didn't really feel like doing.

In other news, you'll get surrounded by positive -and very useful- vibes. That will keep illnesses away and at bay, and avoid possible visits to the doctor.

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