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The Wednesday January 24th Libra Stars Prediction

Libra: Your Star Sign Revelations
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It's time for you to erase the past and start over again in the field of love. Bad memories and experiences stay backwards and makes a stronger person out of you. A couple need happy moments to be shared and it implies spending time together without throwing each other miseries and lies about past things.

Label the balance again, Libra, because being passionate doesn't have to do with your personality and doesn't look well on you. You have a loving and promising future ahead and useless discussions won't help you at all.

Try to stay closer to your family or they will end up thinking that you're angry with them.


The blue moon total eclipse's influence is noticeable around you, although it's not arrived yet. That's why the ascendants are affected by it and worlds cross each other in a strange way. That's what happens with Libra and its tendencies, this Wednesday, to mix the working and the personal field.

It's a positive aspect to have a good relationship with your colleagues, but don't get too involved or it'll lead to unnecessary tensions. Work is work and pleasure is pleasure unless your business is run by your family.

Even though Libra is a lucky sign, you won't gain fortune by the beginning of the week. Energies are playing with you.


If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery or just a change on your look, take into account that some complications might arise during the recovery. Make a deep analysis of your doctor and their works before committing a huge mistake again.

The coming hours seem perfect to try to have a baby. Fertility is accepted by stars, who will give you a child if you are trying to have one.

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