Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA | Magic Horoscope



This month will give you a possibility for your personal growth. Your senses and emotions will take over your rationality. Be careful since your passions may lead you to dangerous excesses, especially from day 10.

When it comes to love, the first fortnight of the month will be fundamental for consolidating your relationship. The stars recommend that you don’t make decisions in the heat of the moment. Try to avoid separation and make more effort to have a stable relationship. You could change the dynamics, be more generous and organize new activities.

On the 16th of April you may get disappointed in love and it’ll lead you to seek more support from your true friends and love yourself more. This month a new special person will appear and enrich your life, and some close friends will show you the true value of friendship.

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Regarding your finances, April will be a good month. Your economics will improve and your income will grow slowly but steadily. As far as money is concerned, you have to continue being prudent, although some days your courage to risk will be rewarded with success.

The 8th of April will be a perfect day to secure your finances by organizing your accounts. There will be days when you’ll have to spend some money on unforeseen matters, but if you keep calm and sensible, it’ll be nothing more than a scare.  Towards the end of the month, your earnings will be consolidated.

As far as work is concerned, this month you'll discover the power of teamwork and things you can learn from others if you listen and observe them carefully. The employed Libras will consider changing their job from day 7, while the unemployed ones will find new opportunities.


In April Libras will regain their health. Try to do everything that’s in your power to stick to good habits. Go back to doing physical exercise, explore your spirit and learn to meditate and relax.

On the first days of April you’ll have to focus on your sleeping patters. You have to stop taking pills and find a natural remedy like deep breathing and other relaxing exercises. If you don’t sleep well, you’ll feel more tired and stressed in the first part of the month.

This will diminish as the days go by, but on certain days you’ll be prone to infections and colds. The 8th of April will be important for women: the Moon will offer you fertility, and if you are willing to bring a baby into the world, these are the days to try.