Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA | Magic Horoscope

Love: Unleash Your Passion

The energy of February tends to affect you and make you feel lonelier. If you’re usually a loner, it’ll magnify this month. You won’t worry much about Saint Valentine’s Day, you’re not a big fan of giving presents because the calendar says so.

Although you pretend to be an ascetic and off the market, you stir up passions around you. No one believes that you being so attractive would rather take care of yourself than waste your time on unnecessary flirting.

One of these people will be able to disarm you completely and make you seriously consider starting a relationship. And if you already have a partner, it’ll be during the last week of the month when you’ll unleash all your passion, Libra...

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Money: Material Prosperity

Your income is about to increase thanks to your efforts to improve your economic situation. The favors you did and the right decisions you made in the past will lead you to material prosperity this month!

However, don’t focus only on money making. The stars expect you to have a certain capacity for sacrifice. Once you give your best without expecting anything in return, you’ll be rewarded.   

Be more open to new experiences, they’ll help you professionally. It’s always a good idea to start a course or recycle the knowledge you already have.

Health: New Healthy Habits

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness imposed by society; however, you can easily free yourself from being lonely. You don’t need a partner to know who you really are or to enjoy the pleasures of life. Change your point of view and be more optimistic.

In order to be active and vital and love your life more, look for new enriching experiences and put yourself out there more often. Don't rule out starting fencing classes in February or anything else you’ve never considered doing!