Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA |

Love: Avoid Half Measures

The month of March is sending you a clear message, Libra: you have to set yourself clear boundaries.

If you know that this person wants you only for sex, it’s about time you decide what you don’t want in your life.

It’s quite different if knowing what you know, you still want to continue the relationship. However, he/she will never make you completely happy. Sex without love is empty, and in the long run, it’ll wear you out.

You don’t have to end this relationship if you don’t want to, but it’s important that you explore your own feelings, cleanse them and share them with others.

It’s a perfect month to bond with your friends and family. After all, they’re the ones who will never let you down, Libra.

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Money: Open your Mind to Changes

You’ll get some exceptional help, which will make you have a new vision of life. You’ll realize how much you’re worth. The only thing you have to do is rediscover yourself day by day through the inner conscious work, Libra.

This work is endless; accept the gifts of life and be grateful for its lessons. Open your arms to transformation and believe that you’re on the way towards a new life.

Jupiter transit promises you new projects and ideas, Libra. It’s also a great moment to travel. You’ll enjoy getting in touch with new cultures which you’ll learn a lot from. 

Health: You’ll Receive All the Help you Need

You’ll enjoy good health and receive help. If you need a surgery, you’ll have money for it to happen.

You always seek justice for others; but are you fair to yourself? Don’t limit yourself and stop thinking that you are unworthy of this help. People who love you do it with pleasure, take advantage of the opportunity.

You cannot change something if you can’t accept that something has to change. Bad habits pull you away from your goals. Ask yourself what you’d like to achieve and focus on improving your habits.