Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA | Magic Horoscope


Love: Delicate Moments in Heart Matters

The month of May will bring you new challenges regarding your heart affairs, as you’ll have to face complicated moments. It doesn’t mean you’ll break up with your partner, but you’ll have to deal with an important crisis. If you don’t succumb to it, it’ll end up making you stronger.

This month you might have to face disappointment, frustration and even betrayal. You’re about to enter a new cycle and if you know how to get through all this negativity, you’ll save your relationship.

It’ll also be a tough moment for single Libras. Things won’t go as planned, especially in the first fortnight. Even so, you must make your social life more dynamic and have patience until things get back to normal.

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Money: Financial Difficulties

This month you’ll have to deal with certain financial difficulties caused by unresolved paperwork. You should consult with your advisors who will help you to sort things out before things get worse.

On a professional level, there are some people who are determined to harm you, overshadowing you or even putting obstacles in your way so that you don’t succeed at work. The best thing is not to react; waiting patiently for this moment to pass will help you overcome it.

If you don’t let tension overtake you, you’ll see that things will sort themselves out soon. Don’t force any situation and stay away from direct confrontations. This is not the time to put your economic situation at risk.

Health: Month of Inner Tension

Your physical health will be affected by your concerns and inner tensions. You’ll be emotionally stressed and it’s important that you learn to manage your emotions. Don’t let stress spoil your mood or lead you to anxiety.

Your physical well-being will depend more than ever on your mental balance. Learn to let go of the events that disturb you. Constantly seek to quiet your mind and let the silence restore peace within you.

This month you will be testing your self-control skills, which will lead you to an important change regarding your maturity and personal growth.