Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - LIBRA | Magic Horoscope

Love: Learn to Let Go

The prediction of Magic Horoscope for Libras this month promises many novelties when it comes to heart matters. You’ll start the month feelings distant towards your partner; you may even avoid all type of physical contact.

By the middle of the month, it’s quite likely that you will put an end to a situation related to love. You may decide to end a relationship that was toxic or leave behind mental structures that were damaging the connection with your partner.

Finally, the lesson Libras have to learn this month is to let go. If you don’t let go of the old, you won’t have room for the new. This is true regarding all areas of life but especially love. There will also be time for romantic flings this month.

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The month of October will bring many formalities and paperwork related to money. The good news is that once you finish these processes, you’ll be benefited with the extra income.

On the other hand, in terms of work, you’ll have to use all your creativity to get ahead of your objectives. It will be a month of hard work marked by cooperation.

Libra, try not to let your guard down. Although October is generally a good month for your economy and profession, hard times lie ahead. Give the best of yourself to maintain your position in the company, and ensure your economic situation.

Health: Prevention Is the Key

Libra, you’ll be in good health this month, so it's a good idea to balance your diet to prevent possible illnesses. Eating healthily and exercising regularly will help you strengthen your immune system.

As far as your inner world is concerned, your emotions will be very important to you this month. Try to discover the origin of your emotions that sometimes unbalance you in order to identify and transform them.

Your physical and emotional well-being will be quite balanced, especially if you’ve been looking after your inner world, instead of being trapped by a typical society created distractions.