Magic Horoscope: The Libra prediction for the month of May

Your Libra prediction for May 2018
Libra Monthly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: You’ll stand up in the face of hard situations

The month is off to a rocky start. You don’t know why but others are being rude and hard on you. More than with others from your point of view. You’re a social person but you’re also very sensitive and these things have an effect on you…

To make matters worse, halfway through this month, you’ll be faced with disappointment in love. You’ll start meditating everything over. These circumstances will force you to do this. These hard hits that you’ll receive will be softened by affection from the ones that are closest to you.

May will come to an end and you’ll finally share your opinions with the world which is what you should’ve done from the start, Libra. A very mature person on an emotional level will be the best present that you’ll get this month if you’re still single.

Money: Energy will be renewed at work, but watch out for lies!

Great possibilities will come up at a crossroads, especially if you’ve been without work for a long time now. Jupiter will lend a hand to those Libras that have been fighting hard, but without any real results.

You’ll be feeling up to facing challenges. You’ll believe in your abilities. It was about time! It’s as if as the year goes by you’re able to loosen up a bit and accept yourself.

It won’t be easy, if you already have work, the cosmos will force you to go down new paths that bring you where you need to be on a professional level. This will happen around the second half of the month.

You’ll go through a compromising situation at the end of the month related to the truth. Be very careful if you’re hiding a big lie, especially in the workplace. This could be uncovered. Get yourself together, Libra…

Health: You’ll strengthen your mind by organizing your environment

Facing those irrational thoughts makes you feel sad, Libra. At the beginning of this month, your mind will start fighting you.

On the same note, you should control your emotions and your internal state, even if it’s not easy. Things happen in our lives to make us stronger. You’re very courageous…

Cleaning and organizing your home will help you on a mental and emotional level. The vibrations of your environment have a huge impact on you. At least you can control what this is like in your own home.

Get rid of ridiculous ideas as well as the unnecessary objects that you don’t use around your house. keeping order and harmony is something that must be done constantly for those born under the Libra sign.