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The Annual Horoscope for Libra for 2018

The prediction for Libra for 2018.
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Those born between the 24 September and 23 October, in other words, under the Libra sign, will have a 2018 full of prosperity and improvement in different aspects of their lives, especially in the health plane.

The arrival of Jupiter in your sign will bring economic improvements and success in studies and on the work plane, where you'll have the opportunity to improve your skills and abilities 


Starting this year your romantic relationships will be more successful and likely to be stable. In spite of the fact that you've gone through breakups over the course of the past few years, separations, or even divorces, Cupid will start knocking on your door and you'll meet someone very special that will occupy a very important space in your heart and of course, in your life.

On the other hand, a change is perceived when it comes time to choose your romantic partners. Since you'll no longer feel so attracted to people that, like you, avoid commitment. It's possible that your relationships will no longer be so exciting, but they will be more stable.

On the sexual plane, you'll start an intense period of experimentation and possible transformation in this realm. Letting passion take over will no longer be something for just two people to participate in. Your liberal side will come out to shine and you'll search for a way to make all of the fantasies come true that go through your head. A path that, of course, you won't go down alone.


This 2018 you'll take on more responsibility at home and among your family members. Although domestic chores have never been something that has worried you too much, you'll spend some time keeping your home organized, clean, and tidy.

You'll be more responsible and you'll meet your family commitments while being more conscious of your actions: you'll never go back to being the 'black sheep' that has to be reminded of their loved ones' birthdays.

It's possible that this new restlessness may lead you to want to carry out repairs or to remodel your home. The spring months will be the best time to get to work on this. If you choose another time, it's possible that you may be met with more problems than solutions throughout the process.


Over the course of the entire period, your financial situation will go through a prosperous phase and you'll have good luck that you'll start to perceive starting during the first quarter of this year.

Thanks to Jupiter's influence in your house of money, you'll see your income increase and that there will be new financial opportunities presented to you.

Sectors related to trade, telecommunications, transport, or real estate agencies, should be the main areas that you should look into if you're an investor. Your intuition will be great when it comes to finances, both on a domestic and professional level and you'll want to have control over matters of this nature.


The professional plane will be closely tied to the finances of many Libras, although it's true that others could run into riches thanks to Lady Luck while they're doing a job that isn't exactly the one that they've always dreamed of. 

As far as work goes, you'll be flexible and open to giving it your all, as well as being open to learning from your coworkers and why not, also teach them and guide them on their professional paths.

Although at certain times you may find that you're unstable, you shouldn't let your mood affect you too much. Perseverance and responsibility will be the pillars upon which you should build your professional facet.


You'll learn to be conscious of the small problems and take proper measures to keep them from growing. You'll do your best to strengthen your health by keeping closer track of your habits, like the hours of sleep that you get, your diet, or the amount of exercise that you get.

Starting halfway through the year, it's possible that you may even feel inclined to spend more time with a partner and that the plans that your friends propose you may no longer seem so attractive.

Your social life may shrink and this will cause you to have a more reserved and introverted personality, something that could cause depression if you don't manage it well.

Try to combat anxiety, this is one aspect that will give you the most trouble throughout the year. Depression is something different but you'll find some techniques that will serve you to treat and prevent both. Physical activity will present itself once more as something indispensable when it comes to being in shape. 

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