WeeklyHoroscope | Joan marc


This week your emotional dimension will take over rationality and may lead you to dangerous excesses. However, it’s also an opportunity to channel your energies towards the realization of your dreams. The stars will be on your side.

When it comes to love, Libras have to avoid making decisions in the heat of the moment. Before considering breaking up, look for less traumatic solutions to your couple problems. On Thursday the stars foresee the irruption of love thanks to the potentiality of your empathy.

As far as personal relationships are concerned, others will find it difficult to understand you. Your communication channels will be blocked at the beginning of the week. However, they’ll start opening as the days pass by to receive the gift of sincere friendship and pleasant surprises.

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Failures and frustration at work root in precipitation caused by stressed. Therefore, in order to find satisfaction and success again, it’s essential that you recover your temperance and guide your actions through the rigor offered by rationality and logic.

Moreover, it’ll be a very productive week for teamwork. You have to be more active, dare to give your opinion and learn from others. On the last days of the week unemployed Libras will have a wonderful opportunity to find a job. 

Regarding your finances, Thursday is going to be an essential day because your luck will finally change and lead you to prosperity. This will make you find a balance between prudence and courage. On Friday your income will increase due to delayed payments.


Sleep deprivation problems can trigger a widespread failure of your immune system, exposing you to infection and disease. You’ll feel very tired, which won’t help when facing this week's challenges.

To solve these problems, disconnect from electronic devices and go back to your good habits that will allow you to sleep better. The stars recommend that you explore alternative therapies and oriental disciplines such as yoga or reiki to enhance your balance.

Sexual activity will be a crucial aspect this week for Libras. On Thursday you’ll have an opportunity to discover your needs and explore new dimensions that will enhance the connection with your partner. Instead of associating sex with necessity or routine, identify it with pleasure and fun.