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This week will be very inspirational starting from Monday. It is no coincidence that you have chosen this person as a companion on the journey of life. Together you never get bored! Your partner’s great ideas are contagious and inspire you to be a better person.

You’re becoming more and more confident in and out of bed. You give free rein to your impulses without fear of being judged. Your partner may say something funny but he/she has to intention of ridiculing you.  

A joyful, fresh and fun love is awaiting you!Single Libras will unintentionally send love signals and this will make different people approach you.

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You live to progress, not to show luxuries that you don’t have and don’t even wish for. In fact your eagerness for knowledge and spiritual power goes way beyond material goods. Happiness comes from inside, not from outside events or luxuries.  

At this point of your life you know well what you want. You wouldn’t accept any job just because you meet all the requirements. If you’re unemployed, it’s better to take it easy and not to get desperate. You will find something better.

Nothing makes you happier right now than having the chance to volunteer in your free time. You don't know it but your humanitarian nature is calling you and you won't be able to resist it!


This week you’ll focus on your psychology and this will be reflected in your good health, Libra.

Besides, you’re becoming more conscious that you need to dedicate more time for yourself, just like you dedicate it for the ones who need you. You also need you!

On Friday you may notice a strange sensation running through your arms or legs... It can be muscle overload. Use creams that relieve this discomfort by massaging the affected area.