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The week will start regularly regarding heart matters. A conflict of interests will invade your relationship. In order not to hurt each other, you’ll have to be more tolerant to avoid demands and reproaches. Jealousy and misunderstandings won’t help. Don’t let useless arguments affect what you feel for each other.

From your perspective it may be difficult to empathize with your partner. Remember to put yourself in his/her shoes before making hasty or wrong decisions. Help yourself by assessing your relationship objectively, thinking about its pros and cons.

Your friends are great help and you can always count on them. However, when it comes to your feelings for your partner, it’s something you have to deal with on your own. Don’t let other people influence your decisions, Libra.

Resolving accumulated tension in your relationship will be difficult but not impossible. There is no one better than you at resolving conflicts!

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At work you’ll have to learn from your past mistakes. You’ll have to adapt to possible last minute changes in your agenda and organization. You have to always be ready.

It’ll be a good week for negotiations, whether it's a promotion or a new job - the stars are on your side!

Don’t turn down a job offer only because it doesn’t meet all your expectations. Stop putting pressure on yourself; you will receive that long-awaited job offer. Give yourself time and be patient, Libra!

Although your economy is going to improve, you will have to limit your expenses or you may have to look for an extra source of income to cover them. Moderate your ambition!


You’ll soon realize (if you haven’t done it yet) that you need to change your habits urgently. Indigestion of heavy meals or lower back pain may be here to stay. The solution will come with a change of attitude. These days are perfect to start exercising. No excuses!  

What we eat can affect how we feel and how we look. Certain foods, which are not beneficial for the body, can affect your physical appearance, considerably diminishing your physical attractiveness. In addition, junk food can hurt your health. Avoid products that affect you negatively.

Going to the bathroom will not be easy this week. In order to solve it, you’ll have to get rid of negative energies.