Libra Weekly Horoscope for 12 - 18 August

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This week will be somewhat unstable regarding love for those born under the sign of Libra. At the beginning of the week your relationship will be harmonious, but by the midweek confusion and mistrust will spoil those positive vibes.

Luckily, dialogue and the ability to see things objectively will help you connect with your partner and clear any misunderstandings that may have arisen. By the end of the week you’ll be able to restore order and good vibrations.

Single Libras will be lucky! Take advantage of the opportunities that will come your way and don’t force anything. The best thing you can do this week is to see reality as it is and stop fantasizing about an unattainable ideal.

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At the beginning of the week you may have some financial problems that you’ll be able to solve relatively soon. The stars will still protect you in this aspect of your life.

When it comes to your work, you’ll be able to achieve fantastic results if you dare to pact and band together with your colleagues and partners. Teamwork will be essential to get through the challenges this week.

In general, it won’t be a bad week for money and work. You’ll get the necessary help at the right time and everything will be fine, although it might be a little hard to get there.


Your physical health will be good, but you have to control your tendency to hyperactivity which may lead you to force your body to exhaustion. It’s very important you respect your work and rest cycles. Don’t take on too much work and responsibilities.

Don’t forget to devote time to your hobbies and interests that have not only physical but also mental benefits. Try to establish a timetable for your leisure activities, such as your favorite sport, and make it a part of your routine.

On an emotional level, you’ll continue to evolve progressively, since you’ve learned to manage your emotions and reactions towards others and towards yourself better. Using reason will help you see things from a different, less intense, perspective.