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The week will start regularly regarding heart matters. The influence of planets makes you introspective and events around you make you reflect deeply on your bonds of affection.

When your relationships become too serious, they overshadow your heart. Your playful nature tells you that love can’t be just about obligations and responsibilities, which seems to be the case lately.

Maybe it’s time to dedicate more time to your other relationships. Are your friends and family aware of what’s happening in your life? It’s been a while since you opened up to them.

It’s not about breaking up with your partner. It’s about spending more time with other people who value your mental energy. When your partner realizes you’re not always there for him, his/her attitude towards you will improve… Especially if he/she’s a water sign, such as Cancer or Pisces!  

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Luckily for you, things will get better economically. You’re on the rise and todays’ bets will lead to a success tomorrow.

However, you shouldn’t ignore reality. Your enthusiasm may be huge, but this force could be cut short if you don’t look where you’re going.

At the end of the week you’ll be loaded with work, however, you’ll be proud and satisfied to get good reports. You’ll be very focused, Libra.


Your body isn’t at its best, that’s true. Circumstances beyond your control have influenced your constitution, despite taking care of yourself.

Don’t let negative thoughts get you down. It’s normal that you feel upset, but we should take illnesses as they come and not worry.

In part, illnesses help us face reality and it’s a good thing. They make you see what’s failing in your life.

Take care of your mental state throughout the week. You’ll see that it’s not such a big deal, you can lead a normal life. Follow your doctor’s advice and you’ll soon recover.