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The capacity for understanding and empathy will accompany you on the path of expanding your social circle and approaching others. This will be also reflected in the love, Libra, helping you to achieve a greater depth and intimacy in your relationship.

This will be an important week for Libras who have a broken heart. You’ll start to overcome heartbreak and reconstruct your inner self. You’ll discover how loyal your friends are and have a very special day on Wednesday.

Towards the weekend it’ll be important that you focus on the little ones at home. They may need your help and you’ll feel a special connection with the most innocent people. On Sunday you may confuse attraction with love.

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At the beginning of the week you may have some difficulties when performing your tasks at work. However, you can help yourself by eating properly to get enough energy and accepting other points of view and help from your peers.

In the middle of the way you may feel undervalued and this can lead you to consider changing your job. The stars encourage you to look for the best for you and not give up on your dreams and ambitions. However, you must stay focused in your workplace.

When it comes to finances, Libras must reinforce the security of their finances and renounce certain adventures in business and investments. Friday will be a key day because your finances will begin to wobble, and you must adapt to the changes by being extremely disciplined. 


If you want to improve your health, start by resting more and taking care of what you eat. A good rest and disconnecting from your obligations will help you get rid of your headaches. Avoid bad habits like eating fatty food.

In the middle of the week your health will be negatively affected by harmful habits. Try to quit coffee and tobacco to give space to new healthy routines that will help you relax and recover your physical fullness. Poor nutrition can be weakening your body.

Towards the end of the week you may resort to a lucky charm if you feel that the strength is abandoning you. This way you’ll be in a good shape at the weekend and you’ll be able to practice team sports in order to have fun and develop your senses.