Libra Horoscope Weekly
Your Libra Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope


Libra, when it comes to love, things may get a little rough this week. You’ll feel under a lot of pressure, which will lead you to get distant from your partner. You’ll be your own enemy. However, a sincere dialogue will help you bond with your better half.

It’s possible that towards the end of the week you’ll manage to find a solution to continuous reproaches and frustration which damage your relationship and may even end it. You’ll regain control and prevent your relationship from going down.

Single Libras will have various possibilities to find love. You surely won’t lack opportunities, and be able to choose someone you can connect with spiritually and emotionally.

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In terms of your economy, once you analyze your income, expenses, and ways to manage them better, you’ll be able to restore order. This will help you avoid deficiencies in this area, although you’ll have to be patient in order to achieve the desired prosperity.

As far as your profession is concerned, it’s likely that you’ll feel betrayed by a partner who will get the position you expected. Nevertheless, things will improve as the week goes by.

By the end of the week, you’re likely to achieve your goals and set your sights on more ambitious horizons that will lead you to greater personal and financial satisfaction.


Regarding health, it looks like this week will be pretty good. You’ve managed to take reins in this area and balance taking care of your own health and that of your loved ones.

Creating healthy habits will help you improve your mood and feel more positive and happy. You’ll have a very good time this week.

Finally, Libra, you should also keep in mind that you’re advancing and that now you have more and better tools to live the life you want.