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Libra Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

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Imbalance is draining your relationship. One of you gives it all, while the other part remains passive receiving all the attention. Most probably you’re the candidate for the first option.

Does your significant other like wasting your time and money? You ask the wrong question, Libra. The question is if you value the effort you put in making that money. If this is the case, don’t you think that you shouldn’t waste your money on the person who gives back so little?

Focus on solving relationship problems because you can’t go on like this forever. There’s still hope for your relationship, but you’ll have to set boundaries and be clear about what demands can be made.

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Things will go smoothly at work. Your tasks are neither too complicated nor too easy so don’t relax too much.

The problem might lie in how you treat your superiors. As a good Libra that you are, you don’t tolerate any injustice and you get angry at the minimal possibility of your rights being disrespected.

It’s a good idea to relax. No one’s saying that you shouldn’t fight for your rights, but the manners are important while fighting the battle. You know it well; the problem is that you tend to forget it easily.

Otherwise, new objectives will emerge towards the end of the week with which will help you achieve a better economic position.



Start your week in the best possible way drinking lots of water. It’ll help you lose weight, have fewer headaches and feel better in general. What made you quit this healthy habit in the first place?

Being in a good mood will lead you to take the initiative to go for long walks in the countryside. It’ll have a tremendously beneficial effect, and if you are accompanied by your loved ones, your heart will burst with joy.

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