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Romantic relationships are very special to you, Libra. That's why this week you'll do everything it takes to make your significant other happy.

However, in order to reach overall well-being it’s necessary to get rid of old emotional scars. Your partner may ask you questions about your emotions. He/she isn’t completely sure if your love is truly genuine. Why is that so?

In these intense moments you have to keep calm and understand that your partner simply wants to get to know you better. At the end of the day, that's what love is all about: knowing each other in depth... This week your relationship will be tremendously strengthened.

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It won’t be your best week at work. Many of your colleagues will act selfishly taking advantage of you.

On Wednesday you’ll be put to the test. It’s important you keep a cool head when they try to trample your rights, which usually makes you lose your patience.

However, leaving labor relations aside, you’ll be a nest of interesting ideas and proposals. Be very careful not to unveil your plans too soon to those you owe nothing to in the company.

It’ll be an excellent week for you if you happen to be self-employed. Being your own boss, you’ll know how to handle the issues you already have control of. You’ll be lucky in everything related to writing.


This Monday some complicated thoughts will come to your mind that you believed you’d already forgotten. You have forgiven your past but sometimes you can’t help thinking why it had to be this way…

Keep your mind healthy by taking care of your body, Libra. It’s the best option for you, since you’re an air sign and you love spending hours mind-wandering. It’s time to put your feet on the ground, or you may get hurt.

Immerse yourself in a mineral bath to recharge your batteries. It's time to get rid of that excess of negative energies that you have in your head. You can also help yourself with jasmine oil, which works miracles for you.