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Although at the beginning of the week you’ll face some problems regarding love, you’ll manage to overcome the obstacles that you’ll have put in your own way. You’ll be able to redirect your relationship using your most precious gift: sensitivity.

Towards the weekend you’ll enjoy romantic and unexpected moments with your partner. Planning to get away from daily obligations for a couple of days will help you reconnect and nourish your relationship.

Single Libras will be ready for all kinds of adventures, such as fleeting romances and long-lasting relationships. Don’t rush anything; true love will come when you’re ready for it.

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When it comes to money, you’ll have some extra expenses, which won’t affect your finances much. However, you should take more care of your accounts to avoid surprises in the future. Although you have no problems with money at the moment, you shouldn’t be overconfident.

Regarding your work, as most Libras, you’re always ready for a challenge, which keeps you motivated. However, you’ll have to turn down some work proposals or commitments related to your social life if you don’t want to end up exhausted.

In general, it’ll be a very fruitful week both at work and financially, as you always have a plan B to deal with problems that arise on your way to success. You’ll only have to pay attention to your ability to concentrate this week.


You’ll suffer some minor discomfort regarding your health this week. On one hand, on Tuesday you may have a toothache. It’s probably nothing serious, but you’d better pay a visit to a dentist. On the other hand, in the midweek you may suffer from lower back pain.

However, it’ll be your emotions that you’ll find difficult to deal with. You’re so used to repress your emotions in order not to cause arguments that one of these days they may explode.

Only a guidance of an expert, such as a personal coach, will help you manage your emotions better and express yourself in a more balanced way. It’s important that you learn to express what they feel if you want to improve your personal well-being.