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This week you’ll spend more time with your family than usual, which is what corresponds to Libras under the present astral influence.

Lunar eclipse that will take place this week will make you look into yourself and examine these relationships that you normally take for granted and don’t focus on.  

It’s not that simple, people who have always been there for you also need your consideration, otherwise you can’t properly exchange your energies.

At the weekend you’ll get a nice surprise. It seems that the family get-together will be legendary! You’ll meet people you haven't seen in a long time and this will fill your heart with joy, Libra.

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Lunar eclipse that will take place on Monday suggests that you don’t take any risks. In this period of withdrawal you must be sure you’re doing the right thing in the right place.

Focus on the way you do things and consider the option to do them differently, in a more beneficial and comfortable way for you.

This influence also suggests you reconsider the relationship you have with your workmates. Are you really kind to each other or do you just pretend to be?

In any case, unemployed Libras shouldn’t take any desperate measures. Otherwise, you could dig a hole that you'll have trouble getting out of.

Under the influence of the eclipse, a bad long-term job is one of the worst situations you can get into.


Are you bored with the same recipes? During this week it wouldn't hurt to renew your repertoire, Libra. You’ll be very inspired and you should take advantage of it.

Make time to go to the supermarket and get all the ingredients. Why not try new recipes that include exotic products?

You’ll be very energetic for the rest of the week. You’ll have to find ways to release that extra energy. Try new activities. You have nothing to lose, even though you may find it hard to imagine yourself doing something unusual. Break the old routine!