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Libra Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Las predicciones más destacadas del Horóscopo Mágico para esta semana
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Once you put the old reproaches aside, others will magically start being nice, kind and very understanding of you. This is the kind of energy you’ll give off! Excellent vibrations will come back to you during this week and especially on Christmas Eve dinner.

But be very careful with unfortunate comments, inappropriate jokes and unwanted opinions in general, Libra. Trust makes you think that it’s ok to say anything that comes to your mind, but it’s not true. Respect others.

The most remarkable thing about the rest of the week is that single Libras are about to find love. Who could have thought! When you have already given up on it, you’ll build strong foundations with someone special who you will connect with immediately.

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This is the time of spending money and it's something you’ve already accepted, unlike most of the other zodiac signs, Libra.

Being a host is something that comes naturally to you and you can't imagine a good Christmas without spending some money on it.

You’ve worked hard and prepared for it thoroughly saving money in your bank account.

Now it's time to enjoy being with people you love. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, it’s well deserved, Libra.


Don’t let alcohol ruin such a special season. Headaches will be longer than on a usual hangover day. At your age you can’t afford binge drinking.

Be joyful, give kisses and cuddles, have interesting conversations… You don’t need alcohol to be more fun and entertaining, people who really love you already know how special you are.

People who are getting to know you don't want to see you drunk and making a fuss either. If you think about it, the best thing you can do these days is stay away from alcohol, Libra.

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