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It’ll be a revolutionary week for Libra regarding their social relations. You’ll have the chance to bond with your friends, see your loved ones and meet new people. On Tuesday you’ll feel a special connection.

In the middle of the week, however, someone will try to ruin your relationship with your loved ones. Your friendships will suffer a backlash at the end of this week and you’ll have to face some painful betrayals.

When it comes to love, flourishing relationship of the single Libras will go smoothly and there will be no need to put a label on it. For those who are in a long-term relationship, Friday will be a perfect day to recover some good sensations you might have lost.

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Having dreams and the will to develop new projects is something that usually favors you, Libra, but this week you’ll discover that in order to achieve your goals, you’ll have to take some time to raise funds. Saving up should be your priority these days.

However, on Wednesday the tension around you and your eagerness to regain emotional stability can lead you to waste money. Be more careful with your finances, Libra. Otherwise, you can get really scared checking your credit card balance at the end of the month.

As far as work is concerned, at the beginning of the week you won’t feel satisfied with your results but on Thursday the return of past ideas will lead you to success. You’ll have to align your head, heart and spirit to give your best. 


The stars show good health for Libras in general, but you’ll have to make small changes throughout the week. Sleeping patterns is the most important one. You have to try to sleep better in order to rest properly and prepare for a new intense day. Change your mattress and start meditating.

The change of seasons may lead you to suffer from allergies. Ask your doctor what’s the best way to nip them in the bud.

At the end of the week you’ll have to learn to love yourself more. Try to avoid crowds, as the vibratory waves around you will affect you negatively.

The weekend will be a bit more delicate. Your health will be affected by infections and colds. Your immune system will be weakened and, in addition, on Sunday fatigue and stress will lead to some discomfort.