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Although your week will be generally positive regarding love, there’ll be certain aspects of your relationship that you’ll have to discuss with your partner. Honest communication will be the key to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

You might have a fright this week regarding one of your children. However, thanks to collaboration and support of your family members, the problem will soon be solved. Otherwise, it’ll be a quiet week.

Single Libras shouldn’t force anything and understand that everything happens in due time. However, you’ll have to decide if you want to stay single or, on the contrary, you feel that it’s time to commit to a more stable relationship.

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When it comes to your economy, there won’t be any big changes this week, except for the opportunity to join the family business. You’ll have to make an accurate decision, but don’t worry; the stars will be on your side.

At work, you’ll have to try your best not to confront your colleague if you want to keep your positive image in the company. Although you might think you’re not treated fairly, it’s not a good idea to argue this week.

Freelancers should use their imagination and look for refreshing new ideas regarding their business. Don’t discard anything, no matter how small or insignificant your ideas may seem, they could be the key to success.


It’ll be generally a good week for your health and physical state. However, overweight Libras should focus on their problem and pay a visit to an expert for a piece of advice regarding their diet.

Your emotional health will be good, too, which will help you face this week’s challenges in a calm and assertive way. Try to turn it into a habit if you want to increase your wellbeing.

You should also try to add more art to your life. You may do it by taking up a creative activity or simply going to an art gallery or photography exhibition, theatre, reading a book or watching a film.