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Libra Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

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During the end of the year you might receive a love sign that you’ve been waiting for so long. A kiss under the mistletoe, opening up about intentions or even a commitment in that sporadic relationship you have: anything is possible!

Excellent planetary energies will charge your first week of the year with incredible energetic atmosphere. Not only peace, happiness and joy of sharing will come to your life, but also a new love.

There will be envious people who will stick their nose in your business; however, while they’ll be wasting their time hating you, you’ll be too busy taking care of your loved ones, Libra.

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You’re lucky, Libra, you’ll have an extremely positive week at work! The new year is coming on strong and you’re facing it positively. Being cordial at work will contribute to everyone’s well-being.

Be focused on Wednesday, you’ll have to anticipate, program and organize a task which will require a lot of your involvement. Perhaps you’ll have a sudden obligation to instruct a newcomer.

After this bump, you’ll be able to work tirelessly; an economic incentive is about to come and you’ll surely get it.


Although you’ll have a lot of energy, some muscle aches can play a trick on you, Libra.

Pay attention to your back, its lower part is most likely to suffer these days. To avoid overloading, try wearing back support girdles whenever you have to make a considerable physical effort.

Indigestion caused by excesses these days will be nothing to worry about. It’s just an unpleasant consequence that you’ll manage to overcome with a detox diet and drinking plenty of fluids, Libra.

Physical exercise will also be of great help to regulate your bowel transit, as well as get in shape.