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The doubts about your significant other are killing you. It’s hard for you to decide. This time you suspect that your partner may not love you as much as he/she says, or that he/she is seeing someone else…  

It’s all about your insecurity again, Libra. You thought you’ve overcome it, but from time to time it strikes again. Don’t let this happen. Take a deep breath and don’t allow these unfounded thoughts consume all your energy.

On Tuesday you’ll be running the risk of losing your partner if you don’t control your jealousy. This is how serious it may get! The stars are pointing out that your relationship still has perspectives, but it will be you who will have the last word.

If you don’t have a partner, you’ll question everyone who’ll try to approach you. The reason for their interest will be a mystery to you, but actually the only mystery is this: why don't you love yourself as you should?


It'll be an altruistic week at work. Your achievements won’t mean that much to you as to those underprivileged workmates. It doesn’t matter, you're doing well at work and there are people who need an extra push.

Keep doing your work well and cooperating in harmony with others; together you’ll achieve great things that would otherwise be impossible. The collaboration is expected to take center stage on Tuesday.

Friday will be a golden day for you. You’ll be touched by fortune and you’ll have an opportunity to implement many of your ideas in your business as well as convince others, which will work to your advantage.


You’ll be in good health, Libra, especially due to your recent decisions that have made you a better person and protect you from illnesses. Without depriving yourself, you give your body all it needs balancing your calories in a healthy way.

On Tuesday you’ll feel the need to change your daily routine, even if it’s at home. Work on your imagination; it’s the best way to make your days full of joy and energy.

A dry mouth is rarely a sign of anything serious but if you do nothing about it, it could become chronic. Uphold an impeccable oral hygiene routine. Brush your teeth three times as recommended.   

Have a quiet weekend. Chew your food well in order to avoid stomachaches that you often suffer from. Thyme infusion may help prevent your gastrointestinal problems.