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This week you’ll be kind and eager to please others without forcing anything. This will allow you to strengthen friendship ties and even make some new friends.

Your greatest victory regarding emotions will undoubtedly be setting aside old grudges and changing your attitude towards that person that you are not fond of. You might discover that your initial resistance was nothing more that cowardice in the face of a strong personality.

Wednesday may be a more conflictive day. Some bad news will make you lose motivation, and, even if you’re in a relationship, you may be playing with the idea of having casual sex with another person. Be very careful; you could ruin a great relationship for nothing.

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Your great charisma will give you advantages over your peers you may not have noticed.

You may earn a lot of money in positions where your presence is valued. And if you’re unemployed, this week you’ll get different offers. Think seriously about starting a new professional career!

However, when accepting a job offer, focus not only on money you’ll get but also on the type of work and its structure. Your happiness depends on it. Don’t get involved in strange jobs with unclear rules or patterns.

On Saturday, when least expected, you may come up with some revolutionary business ideas, which could lead you to great success. That’s why it’s so important to rest and do nothing sometimes…


This week you won’t be at your best regarding your physical health, which you’ll notice as the days will go by. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s due to the current transit of the stars. Their bad resonances will cause you some discomfort, especially in the throat.

Crystals are believed to bring healing in a variety of ways, for all sorts of ailments. These gems have the power to restore the energy you need through their vibration. Squeeze them between your hands for a while. Once in a while clear the negative energy by wetting them in a glass of water during the night throughout the week.