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It’ll be a very fruitful week regarding everything that has to do with love. Not only you’ll be able to spread your charm and seduction to conquer the person you like, but also carry out the plans you made time ago.

Towards the midweek single Libras will come across a person from their past. You’ll have to be focused and make the right decision: whether you want to live this old affair again or, on the contrary, you want to stay away from that person.

It’ll be a generally good week for all heart matters, including the relationships with your family and friends, who you’ll have a great time with, especially towards the weekend, when you’ll get more than one surprise from your children.

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Economically it’ll be a good week. The results may be very disparate. On one hand, you might receive some income from real estate investments you made in the past. And on the other hand, you’ll have to control your expenses if you want to avoid problems.

Your week at work will be quite stable. Your colleagues, superiors and employees, if you have any, will keep valuing your position and your business will prosper without any major changes.

Self-employed Libras will have to seek advice from a marketing expert if they want their company to take off. Otherwise, it’ll be a very positive week regarding your money and profession.


Beware of temperature changes and air-conditioning this week since they may lead you to infections and similar problems. You may also suffer from digestive problems in the middle of the week, so watch out for symptoms.

You should try to strengthen your immune system since it’s the key to avoid infections and diseases caused by viruses or bacteria. Avoid eating out too often; have healthy and fresh food at home instead.

Emotionally, you’ll be very sensitive towards the weekend. You should keep an eye on your emotions so that they don’t catch you by surprise. You always give great advice to others, but why not apply it to yourself?